5th Year Class Work

Guidance Office

St. Ciaran's Community School Guidance  Department

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Best Careers

Brainstorming About Careers

Career Basics

Career Choices

ChooseIT 2014

Clarify Worksheet

Factors That Influence Career Choice

Grit Scale

Guidance Interview

If We Could Shrink The World

Personal Profile

UL Graduates 2015


Values 2

What Does A Guidance Counsellor Do

What is Success Worksheet

Where Will I spend My Time

Who Am I

Points Forecast Sheet

Points System 2017

Career Assessment Workbook

Career Interest Inventory

Career Skills

Clues For Clarifying Your Interests

Evaluating Past Experiences

Holland Interest Inventory

Interest Checklist

Knowing Your Strenghts

List of Interest Tests & Inventories

Multiple Inteligence Test

Personal Skills Inventory

Planning Your Career

Preferred Work Style

Psychometric Tests

Short Career Investigation

Skills Inventory

Skills Sources

Skills Tick List

Top Ten Jobs For People Who

Values And Preferences

Values Checklist

Values Checklist 2

What Interests You

Where Skills Come From

Work Values

Beginners Guide To Choosing Your Course

College Terminology

Making The Most Of An Open Day

Where Do Our Students Go

Course Report Form

What To Look For When Choosing A College

Career Directories & Job Seeking Skills


Contacts For The United Kingdom

Did You Know

List Of Essential Websites

List Of Personality & Career Tests

List Of Professional Organisations

List Of Useful Organisations


Third Level Education Institutes

Third Level Supports

Useful International Contacts

Another Plan My Career Handbook

Assessing Past Experiences

Self Assessment Programme

Looking At Your Work Environment

National Skills Bulleting 2015

Transferable Skills Workbook

Occupational Research Sheet

Worksheet for Researching Occupations

Values Checklist

Avoiding Boredom

Basic Study Techniques

Education, Study Skills & Examination Support

Looking At Your Learning Style


Motivation & Goal Setting Worksheet

One Page Guide To Study Skills

Study Environment

Study Environment & Concentration

Study Programme

Study Skills Presentation

Application For Apprenticeships


Apprenticeship System

Occupational Worksheet

Curriculum Vitae

CV Preparation

CV Workshop

Expectations of Employers

Skills Employers Seek

Sites About American Scholarships

Gap Year Factsheet