Senior Cycle Class Work

Guidance Office

St. Ciaran's Community School Guidance  Department



The following is a list of materials and resources that will be used or will be referred to in class:


Courses That Accept Foundation Level Maths

Higher Options 2019 Worksheets for Students

Career Basics

How to Apply to the University of Oxford

NERA Employment Law Presentation

Points System 2020

Sites about American Scholarships

Six Steps to Applying

Top Ten Tips for Applying to College in the U.S.A.

UCAS Application System

UCAS Applying

UCAS Personal Statement Sample

Simple Study Log

Study Environment & Concentration

Study Skills 1-7

Surviving Tests

Choosing Your College Course

What To Look For When Choosing A Course (2019)

Ahead Information

C.A.O. Presentation 2020

C.A.O. Application Data 2019

Drop Out Rates

HEAR Application Guide 2020

Subject Areas

University Rankings

Careeer Goal Setting

Careers, Interviews

Coping with Interviews

C.V.s and Covering Letters

CV Template

C.V. Writing

Europass C.V. Sample

How To Compose A C.V.

How To Compose A C.V. 2

Ideas For Job Seekers


Interview Presentation

Interview Summary

Interview Tips Handout

Sample Cover Letter / Email

Application Form

Apprentice Application Form

Choices Other Than College

Example of Language Used In Forms

Expectations of Employers

Five Rules Of Career Management

Getting A Job

Information on Apprenticeships

Interview Skills

Interview Tip Sheet

Job Networking

Job Profile


Language of Work

Mock Interview Reflection

Options Other Than College

Sample Covering Letter for Apprenticeship

Sample Employment Contract

Sample Reference

Skills Employers Want

Steps To A Shorter Jobsearch

Transferable Skills

What Employers Want

Your Work Environment

Gap Year

Gap Year Factsheet

Manage Your Finances At College

Monthly Budget

Starting Your Own Business

PLC Colleges

Sample PLC Application

Tips For PLC Interviews

Planning Well

Reduce Stress


Stress Management

Repeating The Leaving


Suggestions For Reviewing Scripts

Transition To Third Level

A Commencement Address

Instructions On Living



Helpful information for School Leavers (April 2018)