St. Ciaran's Community School Guidance  Department


Digital Workbook to be completed by LCA students and submitted back to the Guidance Counsellor by email or on a memory stick. The workbook will also be emailed to students. Students are reminded to download first, then edit with Microsoft Edge and not to forget to save your changes. Backups should be made.






Session 1: To be completed by the the 2nd week in January


Work Experience 1 - Digital Workbook


Jobsearch - Digital Workbook



Session 2: To be completed by the end of May. (Task Assessment for the Career Investigation is March / April.)


Work Experience 2, 3 and 4 - Digital Workbook


Career Investigation Guidelines for Task



Session 3:


Working & Living - Digital Workbook



Session 4:


Guidance Module - Digital Workbook


Presentation on Grants here.